Stocks the most common items used for
installation of coatings.


A 3-4" Paint Brush is used to apply the urethane in the mastic grade around penetrations on the roof.


This softbristled broom is used to apply primer both under and on top of the stitch-bonded polyester liner.


When applying the urethane roof coatings, the notched squeegees are necessary to dictate coverage and control millage. The squeegees come in 16" and 24" lengths. This allows for ease of applying the urethane around various equipment on roofs and configurations of the roofs The squeegees also come in various notch sizes to give specified amounts of product. 3/16" notch generally will yield (1.5) one and one half gallons per square. We recommend the 3/16" notch squeegee when applying the urethane with a liner. The 1/8" notch is used for the finish or mid coat of the urethane.


A top grade scissors is absolutely necessary to cut the polyester liner easily.


Spray equipment (sprayers, pre-heaters, etc.) is essential for many applications. We encourage your questions regarding these items and will gladly assist you in sourcing the proper tools for any job.